Hi Chaps,

I'm a Coool Dog, waddayesay?

Coool Trigger

Sorry, let me introduce myself:
I'm Trigger, leader of our pack.
I like agility and sometimes even flyball.
I love to be a Coool Dog when
the hard work is done.
Of course, all of us are Coool Dogs.

Coool Newton

Newton, my oldest friend.
A passionate and conscientious worker.
He enjoys being a Coool Dog
after having his agility or flyball
mission accomplished.

Coool Glaedr

Glaedr, not exactly our breed,
but a nice chap, nevertheless.
He insists being a Coool Dog
as soon as the sun is visible.
Which is ...hmmm... almost always.

Coool Maybeline

May-Beline, our young lady.
She's not so keen on sports, although she's fast.
She's a Coool Dog because it's so fashionable.
Makes her look extraordinary.
She's right, eh?

Coool Dog Label

We're Coool Dogs, all of us.
Join us, be a Coool Dog, too!

Tell your human to
contact us.


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